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Unitholders Agreement

Suitable for any co-ownership arrangement, this document has been meticulously drafted to standards that meet or even exceed those of the largest Australian and international law firms.

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Business Sale Agreement

A Business Sale Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the sale of a business. This document covers all the essential elements of asset sale or business sale, with a document that is suitable for both the vendor or purchaser of a business.

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Family Trust Deed

Maximise your potential for tax savings and protect your hard-earned assets with this market-leading Family Trust Deed. Developed in accordance with CPA guidelines, our document includes carefully created features to enable both flexible income streaming and asset protection.

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Unit Trust Deed

Set up your unit trust with this super fast and easy Unit Trust Deed. This is a top-tier quality document, executed as a deed poll. Use this document to establish the fundamental rules of your unit trust, much like the constitution of a company.

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